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Artist Bio

‘Art for me is the affirmation of life’; subsequently, recognizing the continuous, ever-changing transitions in life
forms—in nature, and in the emotions, relationships and complex thoughts of humanity.

Currently, Dianne is a full-time artist, after a long career in public education, post-secondary and community education. Dianne holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Calgary, majoring in painting and printmaking. She also holds a Bachelor of Education after degree, and a Master of Education from the University of Calgary.

She has worked for galleries and museums in London, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta. She is currently an ACTIVE MEMBER with the Federation of Canadian Artists and an artist member of ARTPOINT Gallery and Studios Society. She has been a member of the Alberta Printmakers Society and previously with the Garden Art Party Society of Alberta and the Calgary Chapter of CFA, before establishing a long career as a certificated teacher (K-12, post-secondary and community education). She currently holds leadership roles in non-profit arts and culture.

Dianne has a studio at ARTPOINT Gallery and Studios and is the Past President of the Board of Directors. She is building a new body of work: painting (oil, pan pastel), printmaking and various media for CFA exhibitions and for local art galleries and venues. Her work is held in private collections (since 1994).
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